RP: Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

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The Silverwalkers away-team finds itself in a forced armistice with the pirates, thanks to some well-placed magical walls of thorns and stones. They have taken the Pirate Captain and his Navigator captive, ruthlessly executed the other downed officers, and stripped the enemy of valuables. (see spreadsheet)

The Petarans have all been liberated, but several of the Officers - including the Heretic Cleric - have escaped, commanding an unknown, but probably substantial, number of pirates.

Experience Gaining Cut-Scene!

KaleesarynnToken.PNG Kaleesarynn Ooh, let me use Mind Probe on this one. points to the captain, and grins

OOC: This will let Kaylee ask him 9 questions, which he is compelled to answer (Will negates). A successful will save doesn't end the power, but does mean that he doesn't have to answer that one question. I can ask him the same question again, or move on to a different question. He has to make a Will save with each question I ask. I also don't have to speak the same language as him, since his answer is sent from his mind to mine. We could start an interrogation without Mind Probe first, and then use Mind Probe to ask him the questions that he or the rest of the crew won't answer during a normal interrogation.

MoseToken.PNG Mose (to Kathkallan) So what happened? Who are these guys? How long have you been in captivity?

Template:Kathkallan (obviously flustered and confused, responds in Petaran) Pirates, extortionists, and kidnappers! The captain of the ship I chartered out of Ianian must have heard of my family, because halfway home he sold me to some pirates! Sadly for him, my family is bankrupt and ruined! And so I've been left to rot! I've been here for... I don't even know. Weeks? *nods his head around to the other captives because he's still in chains* Can't speak for them, they all came after at different times. We are... discouraged... from talking to one another. Ruined or not, I'm three times blessed by the Creator! Have you come to rescue me?

(put RP above this line)