RP: Team MeFight, Late Night

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The gnome has disappeared, and shows no sign of returning this night. The party settles in for sleep. Kib, uneasy, takes his shift early. He finds Anise, who has settled against the tree she had taken up post next to before the intrusion.

Kib AbsoldToken.PNG Kib Absold I don't know what that Gnome has done to himself to become... whatever he is. I guess I'm just glad he didn't try to kill us.

He lets those words hang there for a moment. The woods are eerily still.

Kib AbsoldToken.PNG Kib Absold I wonder what he meant about this plague of shadows being a remnant of the Prophet's War. Surely after all this time, those scars would have healed?

AniseToken.PNG Anise Sometimes killing would be simpler.. Maybe over time this would have healed. It seems my people put protections in place to keep these shadows under control, and maybe those same protections prevented that process. Or maybe the extent of the damage we have done is as yet unclear and these protections were more vital than we realize. Logically though, a light can only shine so far. So I hope this is contained to this island.

Kib AbsoldToken.PNG Kib Absold How terrible it must have been to struggle against. And it seems evident that your people fought this alone--for nothing, it seems, as they eventually resigned themselves into exile.

There is a small silence.
Kib AbsoldToken.PNG Kib Absold It is rumored that the Sidhe live lives many times the length of men. How much do you know about this history? Were you even, possibly, alive for some of it?

AniseToken.PNG Anise I doubt the exile was directly related to any of this. If so I'd have grown up with much different bedtime stories... Regardless, it is clear that whatever happened here, an unpleasant decision was made. As for my people.. yes, we live longer than men do. From what I have seen in my time here.. many lifetimes, but not so long that any from that time would still be alive.

Kib AbsoldToken.PNG Kib Absold Many lifetimes. I can't even imagine the things I could see in that time. With recent events, I'm not sure I'd even want to. Maybe on a peaceful island surrounded by academic pursuits, it would be different. Maybe that's even why the Sidhe left us--how depressing must it be to see races who don't live long enough to realize they're making the same mistakes over and over again.

Another pause. The night is completely still, but brings no calm.

Kib AbsoldToken.PNG Kib Absold I am curious about the things the Sidhe must know on that island. For instance, I couldn't help but notice a word you used while shouting down the lighthouse. "Farcaaen" is a very old Ubrekti word, and it means "to make secret", or "to hide". But your context seemed opposite. What were you saying to that ancient ward?