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Character Stats
Level 10
Race Human
Class Ranger/Elk Rider
Armor Masterwork Studded Leather
Weapon(s) Pavor Nocturnus, +1 Curved Elven Blade
Hometown Someplace, Odessa

A ranger from a rural forested area of Oddesa, Anise Breckt honed her skills growing up, and was sent off to join the military. She served as an archer and scout for the Odessan army in Alexia before leaving to pursuse more adventurous work.


Anise is of average height with a wiry build, seemingly in her early to mid twenties. Her skin speaks to her occupation, but is naturally a slightly pale olive tone. She wears her dark brown hair loose and shoulder length, and seems accustomed to it being in her face half the time. Her countenance is generally one of composed determination or focus, an expression that makes her sharp hazel eyes seem almost severe.

Her gear is well cared for but clearly well travelled. She carries an impressive looking longbow and wears a longsword at her side. She was formerly accompanied by her trusty mule Mercer, but he was taken by the followers of the Fresian Lord Diamon Pegg after her death. She is now accompanied by the Ghost Elk.

As a direct consequence of the events outlined above, Kib and the others know of Anise's heritage(spoiler). They're not interested in telling anyone. It is unknown whether any of Pegg's men were able to connect the dots before dumping her body.

Recent Travels

She has been recently traveling with Kib Absold, Gilerl, Thed and Thoven, and assisted them in exploring and clearing out Draglet Fortress. Shortly after emerging from Draglet Fortress, she was captured and subsequently murdered by Diamon Pegg, to prove a point to Kib's gang. Shortly after, she was resurrected by the power of The Exile's Gift, leaving her noticably more frail, but at least alive.


Immediately before meeting Kib's group, Anise fought and killed a half-orc bounty hunter named Gribb. Gribb had served with Anise during her service with the Odessan peace keepers in Alexia.

Notable Career Kills/Victories

Gribb, Half-orc bounty hunter
Helped in the cleansing of Draglet Fortress

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