Silverwalkers Quest Notes 2010-12-05

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In Our Last Episode

2 Period of Renewal

    • The lizard chieftain is revived! He is very grateful.
  • AlToken.PNG Al acquires lizard man tattoo, it takes the place of bracers forever

In this Episode

3 Period of Renewal

  • Edrell sends us a message
  • We wait
  • Naprid conversation
    • War room is in chaos
    • Big questions about who is in charge
    • Ralth is unwilling to declare himself leader
    • Big question is one of civil order
    • Mayor was 20-30 years head of the strongest block of noble families
    • Now noble families are infighting to decide who is going to be the leader
    • Defense of city is being handled outside of the city, so outside of internal chaos
    • City guard is keeping street fights under control
    • Refugees are being run off and ignored by both armies, pinned-in at the landing
      • Slings/rocks drive the refugees off
  • Guardian(s) are alive in the evil temple, according to Chieftain
    • Probably bad for people, will kill us
New Day Begins
  • Party begins heading over to the temple
  • Party finds a very charred body, charred beyond recognition
    • Found marks in the mud where something came up out of the water
  • Party keeps going and finds a dead body that choked on poison gas
  • Party finds BLUE GUARDIAN which is a huge turtle
    • Blue headed and clawed turtle
    • Probably >10 Tonnes in weight, larger than a dumptruck.
    • Turtle opens huge maw and issues blast of electrical energy [12d6 Damage, DC 21 Reflex for 1/2]
    • Hits most of the party, knocks Kimika unconscious
    • Germain hastes everyone
    • Mose picks up Kimika
    • Quinalin runs down from tree
  • Party makes camp
  • Party is ambushed by entangle in mid night
    • Mose summons Way
    • Al turns into a bear and rushes them
    • Flaming sphere burns on LE
    • Orc attack entangles people and hurts a bunch, but we kill many of them and they run away
  • Edrell sends a message:
  • Party goes back to bed
    • Near dawn, there's more sound coming
    • Party is surrounded again by orc warriors
  • All the party is awakened by another ambush
  • Orc ambush lots of entangle
    • Al turns into a bear again and rushes the baddies. Takes on two dire wolves, who, along with some javelin throwers, pound him good (down to 6 hp or so), but Al-as-hasted-bear decides to gut it out. Three claw attacks at str 31 (+10) and a bite attack. All 4 hit, with one claw crit and one bite crit. Rips one dire wolf to pieces, hurts the other one. Then party members save him from death (cure light wounds from Kimika, missile-weapon-attracting Germain stands next to Al to take a few hits for him). Al is then rushed by one of the rager orcs, who brings Al down to 2 hp. Al is lucky to not be unconscious, and Al's luck is the orc rager's doom, as Al connects on 4 attacks (3 claw and one bite) to shred the orc into little bitty pieces.
    • Way almost dies
    • Party smashes a lot of orcs
    • Helen makes awesome ranged heals buried in vines
    • Orcs and party runs away from guardians
    • While running, Al barely spots an incoming Mat, and the party pauses long enough to hand over the Mayor's signet ring and flies away.
New Day Begins
  • Party heads off to outside the swamp to the Alexian plains
    • We bury ourselves in a big badger warren underground and try to get sleep
    • We hear digging and prepare for battle
  • Greeted by a halfling member of the Carnival, Garndr, and his dog
  • Party is really sad about the fact that our casters (Kimika) can't get enough sleep to get their spells back
  • Garndr gives us direction to the Carnival and we can go there soon.
New Day Begins
  • Finally everyone is rested.
  • Party wants to go to the Carnival
    • Population: of ~200 halflings with 3-4 dozen dogs, and a dozen or more ponies, two dozen carts, 18 halfling outriders with lances, roving salesman
    • Rolling homestead
    • They sell potions and scrolls of 3rd level or below, no markup,
    • OOC: Members of the Carnival (and others) on the mainland are on the lookout for elves. Some particular elf, but not Al. I.e., there are two elves on the mainland!

XP Awards: 60xp for escape turtle 70xp for Germain and Kimika 133xp 175xp for lower 400xp 500xp for lower

Total: 593xp 745xp for lower level


Final GM message

  • Germain also went into town, and can buy items or even fence art or other valuable items.
  • If Quinalin wants to retcon some purchases with the new funds, this is possible.



Maps and Pictures

Lizardman camp