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Bah, sorry I missed Sat's game. I have "allegedly" been a confrontational dick for the last two weeks and was in the doghouse (aside from the usual work insanity chewing up my time). --Msallen

It happens. If it wasn't for the multiple people confirming multiple times, if it wasn't a game *specifically designed* for Germain, and one that - in your absence - left everyone else holding their dicks, I'd be less annoyed. All things considered, I think I'm pretty cool about it. Takes a lot to miss me off during exam week. -gm
Just wanted to point out that I don't have a dick. --HelenAngel 09:23, 24 May 2011 (EDT)
Addendum: Since you're probably the only one who has a really good handle on the intrigue going on, it is incumbent upon you to look at the wave and get caught up in that department. A lot of good info got revealed last game in regards to (1) Odessan's Motivations for War; (2) Possible Intra-Factional Theives' Guild Strife, (3) The Bog Wrath's current supply woes.
Alright, I can do some extra homework to make up for my absence. I'll call you and talk at you about it too before the next game. --Msallen
In an unrelated note, the party took it very well when egg told them they could not access any of the gems or artwork he had been intrusted with because he'd sent some Geese with it all to Sherdam through one of the Thieves' Guild's smuggling routes. -gm
Shudder --Msallen
Well, he did say that he took precautions, but it's worth noting that - at present - the lives of several Geese, and pretty much the entire party fortune, is in Thieves' Guild hands. -gm

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