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Keeper of Canon.

Keeper of the Book.

D20Token.pngGame Master for the Silverwalkers, Gnob's Folly, the MeFighter Beta Team, the Mattsters of the Mattiverse, and Team Demihuman.

Since love and fear can hardly exist together, if we must choose between them, it is far safer to be feared than loved.

"Dungeon Master? *gasp* He's gone!"

A note on signatures. I try to maintain the following differentiation:

Conversation or non-canonical comments are usually signed absalom or User:Detarame.

vox ex cathedra statements are usually signed "-gm"

If you're like me and (a) never took Latin and (b) searching Google for this turns up lots of really weird results until you have the bright idea to search for just the "ex cathedra" part (seriously, give it a try and wade a while in crazy right-wing nut-jobbiness), this means "Spoken with the Full Authority of Office" (lit. "the voice of[coming from] the church") -Slitherrr
I actually did take latin, although my competence is non-existent. I'm pretty sure i used the right declension (nominative) since its the subject of the verb. I want to say that the Romans dropped/implied subjects quite a bit, so ex cathedra literally translates to "from" (ex) "the seat of authority" (cathedra). The Cathedral takes its name from this, I think, because it was the office - both symbolic and working - of the bishop. (Kim can correct me if I'm wrong, I'm sure) Anyway, the term is intentionally taken from the idea of being a special invocation of canonical authority, but "ex cathedra" is an adjective and wanted to attach the signature to a subject (voice). I probably could also have gone with vocis cathera (voice of the office/voice owned by the office), but I intentionally wanted to throw to the infallibility concept because of (a) the medieval western european nature of the Alexandrian chruch and (b) because somebody has to have the final say. -gm

Questions from Other People

Draw up some of the more important ones.
1) Treasury. Librarian. Archivist. Head Inquisitior. Whoever runs the Raiders of the Lost Ark warehouse of crazy ass magical items. The minimal need for a security apparatus is covered by the three Blessed Companies. Others?
2) Probably a good dose of nonsense/fluff positions, too, have crept or been grandfathered in, like the guy who determines the order of the readings for each liturgical year or the guy or whatever. Others?
3) Probably some of these relate to practical matters of running a good sized, urban, and cosmopolitan state-entity. They guy in charge of all the sewers and drains. The guy in charge of the various city watches. The guy in charge of fixing up all the temples and buildings. The guy in charge of harbors. The guy in charge of the hospitals. The guy who keeps track of the bullshit state records like licenses and permits and land deeds. (The archivist is too important for shit like that.) Others?
I say "guy," but it doesn't have to be a guy.
  • Review Coinage for correctness?
    • I'm not a coin collector, but I am a coin nerd. Sue me.

(Probably Never) To Do List

Write up the mendicant couriers
Complete Steros Merroand
Continue Ubrekt
Continue Mythrian Arabelle
Update Temporal Authority
Update Alexia
Update Celstia
Update Antioch
Begin Marrwyn Teldandilion
Begin Hadrian Teldandilion
Update Wydmoor Swamp Temple
Not sure why.



  • There is no way I'm listing all my articles. I either wrote it, helped write it, inspired it, or edited it.