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Mythrian Arabelle was a central figure in the life of Alexandria and in the formation of her church. A human orphan from Tragidore, Mythrian was orphaned and warded at a late age to Steros Merroand. As a young man he studied (in an unofficial capacity) at the University of Hakan, and reestablished the Scales of Talos, a holy order of paladins. Along with Steros and several members of the Stand, he waged a covert campaign against the Dark Naga for a time. After awakening the last dragon from stasis, he claimed the Hammer of the Eight and returned to Hakan. He followed Alexandria into the Prophets' War willingly, during which time he raided the Dark Naga breeding grounds and purified a large cache of Dark Naga spawn, thus bringing back the Grey Naga from extinction. Although the Grey Naga would turn out to be critical allies to Alexandria, the death of the Quicksilver Dragon affected Mythrian deeply. The primary strategist behind the grueling Alexian Campaign, his strategy of land for time was much criticized at the time, but widely praised later in his life. One of the central figures in the formation of the Alexandrian Church after The Martyrdom, Mythrian was the second Arch-Warden, and was responsible for the creation of a great deal of the structures and traditions of the Alexandrian Church, including the crafting of the Stone Warden and the formalization of the Rites of Succession. Throughout much of his adult life, he carried on a long affair with Marrwyn Teldandilion, an affair which eventually produced his only offspring, Hadrian Teldandilion. His Testimonial, the longest, is one of the four canonical testimonials that make up the Canon of Orthodoxy.

Origins and Early Life

Like most of the Children of Tragedy, little is known about the early life of Mythrian Arabelle. The oldest of the Tragidorian orphans, what is known about the early life of Mythrian comes entirely from the preamble to the Testimonial of Mythrian. The son of Tedor, a Tragidorian wainright, and his wife Lucanna, Mythrian was most likely 15 or 16 when both were killed during the razing of Tragidore by the Great Wyrm (aka the "Black Wyrm of the Earth"), after which time he swore the Oath of Vendetta. Like many of the other children, he was adopted by Steros Merroand, becoming active in the church of Tarlos.

Orphaning and Adoption by Steros

Education in Hakan

Campaign Against the Dark Naga

Coming of Age & The Quicksilver Dragon

The Prophets' War

Mythrian's Campaign

Rebirth of the Naga

Alexandria's Return

Alexandria's Crusade

Building the Church

Under Arch-Warden Steros

As Arch-Warden

Death and Legacy

Mythrian's Relationships

Although by all accounts brooding and difficult to get along with, Mythrian nonetheless maintained a large stable of notable acquaintances throughout his life. These relationships not only helped define Mythrian as a man, but also played a large part in the development of early church traditions.

... with Alexandria

... with Steros

... with Marrwynn

... with the First Stand

... with Hadrian

Personality and Testimonal


Game Notes

  • Matthew's alt (Steros's ward) vengeful, later embittered, Paladin.

Equipment of Renown

  • Hammer of the Eight : +2 Cold Iron Holy Burst Longsword of Pure Good. [Ego Weapon] (Lost or Destroyed)