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Eyndredell is a half elf of indeterminate age, although in human terms he appears to be approaching late middle age. He is the oldest brother to two sisters: Marhargarin, whom he raised, and Kaleesarynn. Eyndredell is a powerful wizard, cunning rogue, skilled opportunist, and master of disguise. He is unpredictable and untrustworthy, and often demonstrates a modus operandi of causing extreme upheaval and exploiting the chaos and its aftermath. He was formerly a high ranking Odessan operative reporting directly to his mentor, Hedrafax Kaine. By all appearances, Eyndredell has gone rogue since faking his death in the aftermath of his robbery of the Bank of Wydmoor. The betrayal came after previously serving the Kaine family in many roles over the decades, including chief artificer, tutor of Hedrifax the Younger, and field operative: the motives for his betrayal remain unknown.

The full extent of Eyndredell's ill-gotten fortune is unknown, but he has since used the money to access or create powerful items, including a small pocket dimension from which he now operates.


Quipping and sarcastic of demeanor (mirrored by his raven familiar Mat), Eyndredell exhibits limitless passion for knowledge.


Eyndredell was born to an elven woman kept captive by a powerful branch of the Hand Tribe and an unknown father.

The circumstances leading to the possibility of his birth are unknown, as exiled Sidhe are sterilized by the highest caliber magics.

Edrell Odenthorpe

In this alias, Eyndredell was a former Odessan agent and close confidant of Hedrifax Kaine. He acted reliably as an Odessan saboteur and mole, and in that capacity integrated himself in the city's power structure. At some point, however, he apparently went rogue and began playing both sides against each other until he could achieve his personal objective: the bank heist. With the unwitting assistance of the Silverwalkers, he accumulated the various signet rings (mayor, magius, exchequer, and sheriff) required to open the pocket dimension and made off with an incalculable sum of treasure. His current whereabouts are unknown.

To the wider world, Edrell Odenthorpe was presumed killed in the bank robbery of 1401 Fi. The Silverwalkers (and, by extension, the Azure Geese), Naprid Daithe, and unknown others know the truth of the matter. He now resides in his own demiplane which the Silverwalkers have visited.

He served as the City Magius Interim for Wydmoor, rose to political prominence when he was elected Sheriff of the Wydmoor City Guard in the election of 1399 FI. In his year in the position, he showed himself to be a capable and effective Sheriff. He was particularly popular among the poor warren-folk and rising merchants for his effective and fair law enforcement in the less-enfranchised areas. However, his tumultuous rise to power left him with powerful enemies among the established, traditional power players in Wydmoor.

Edrell's ascension to the Sheriff's office upset the traditional power base considerably and was a hot topic in Wydmoor, until the Odessan sack gave people more pressing concerns. Shortly after arriving to the city, Edrell began to distribute large amounts of literature and money to residents of the slums. This move served two important purposes--not only did it cause a surge in his popularity, but it allowed many of the disenfranchised to afford the ballot tax and cast a vote for Edrell for Sheriff. His victory disposed a Wydsomme loyalist from office, and he subsequently replaced many of the Wydsomme cronies among the guardsmen with his own loyalists.

Rumors from before the Silverwalkers encountered Edrell

There were a host of rumors about Edrell's background, all of which were impossible to verify. He arrived in the city and established shop as a bookbinder, but was rumored to have been a leather worker by trade before. However, his election tactics clearly revealed him as a man of substantial resources that are likely unattainable in either profession. Many of the warren-folk speculated that he was a brigand leader or a gold-conjuring alchemist, but little information exists to substantiate these claims. As his fortunes waned, it became clear that at least some of his position came through collaboration with the Thieves' Guild, a shadowy organization that afterwards apparently abandoned or outright turned on Edrell.

At the time, Edrell's position in the city was tenuous. A fire displaced the great majority of his supporters, and his power base began to unravel. Fynn Lynrick vanished and for several weeks Edrell was in various states of hiding due to assassination attempts on his remaining lieutenants (including two or three against Dandrell). Through an agreement brokered by Mose, Germain, and Quinalin, he tacitly agreed to lose the election in exchange for the Mayor adopting a more compassionate timetable for the refugees' return and extending assistance to the refugee camp. Although not widely known, he initially decided to use his remaining weeks in office to engage in an all-out war with the Thieves' Guild, but was eventually warned off that course of action and instead supported a plan to have the Bog Wraiths prosecute the campaign.

With the appearance of the Odessan advance force, however, Edrell's situation improved remarkably. After a wave of assassinations targeting the city elite, Magius Hemsley stepped down and fled. The resulting chaos - all but three of the council wiped out, the Exchequer of the bank killed, and the Red Iron mines occupied by the Odessans - the Bog Wraiths were forced to institute martial law. An emergency coalition of the remaining factions installed Edrell as City Magius over the objections of Mayor Wydsomme, who was invested with the powers of the virtually empty council as a compromise. After the Mayor's assassination at the hand of the same hobgoblins that struck the city, Edrell lost a strong rival and his fortunes and reputation only increased further as a result. After becoming the Magius, he was almost never seen in public outside of War Room councils.

Edrell Odenthorpe


Notable Allies

  • Dandrell, Captain of the residential district (Very strong evidence there is no such person, and this "Dandrell" was a creation of Edrell's.)
  • Teodoria Mayn, Captain of the craftsman district
  • Mat, Edrell's Raven Familiar

Former Allies

  • Fenn Lynrick, Former Captain of the mercantile district, Thieves' Guild mole.

Silverwalkers Game Notes

  • The player characters, particularly Germain, worked closely with Edrell
  • Presented the party with magical items after their temple raid.
  • Kind of a prick Displays little patience with incompetence, also seems quick to mistrust.
  • Edrell admitted he acquired power with the help of the Thieves' Guild, which apparently turned on him.
  • Edrell was the Odessan mole, but then burned his former allies in order to rob the Bank of Wydmoor.
  • Edrell is a half-elf!