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The Azure Geese are a group of Wydmoor Free City loyalists who were followers of Germain before his demise at the end of the Odessan Invasion. They are currently operating out of the Wydmoor Swamp Temple, and appear to be trying to recover and reestablish the free city and populate it by offering many refugees of the West sanctuary. They are currently lead by Astlen Mead, a member the Riddermark Family, which was one of the noble First Families of Wydmoor. The organization is generally positive, idealistic, and humanitarian, and it's members appear to be driven by a genuine attachment to the region. The do support a small community of refugees that have remained in the region. They derive a small amount of income from a moonshine operation that they run at their encampment.

The Geese began as a faction of the Wydmoor City Guard that were loyal to Germain. Many of them were recruited from the refugees evicted from Wydmoor Free City during the Odessan Invasion, although the group also contains guardsmen from before the invasion and allies from Germain's past. In contrast with more military members of the guard, the Geese were, first and foremost, investigators and peacekeepers, and recruited individuals with intellectual and social skills to act as detectives and mediators. The group did not reach great renown during its life in the city, but as one of the few organized groups in the city when it was sacked, their influence was magnified by its death.

The organization does seem to retain some of Germain's contacts, and appear to at least be affiliated with Edrell through his familiar Mat. They are also represent far afield by the somewhat mysterious Crone and Affable Soldier, who have a strong commitment to the Geese and notably deep pockets.


Formal logo
Common badge

The formal badge of the organization is a blue goose in flight inscribed within a circle on a field of white. However, few members wear this decorative badge, and the majority wear a symbolic version with a sideways "V", representing a flock of geese in flight, embedded in a circle, usually stitched to the city guard tabard with blue thread. The goose is a well-known animal in the Wydmoor Swamp, and is recognized for its cooperation, protective spirit, and resourcefulness--traits that the blue geese strive for.


Astlen Mead

Human Aristocrat 4 (Professional)

A young Wydmoor noblewoman who is the second child and eldest daughter of the Mead family. She was not interested in expanding the prestige of her family through marriage as her older brother had done. Instead, she chose to actively establish a relationship with another power-broker in Wydmoor and increase the visibility of her family. Due to the rising prominence and populist support of Germain in the Wydmoor political scene, she deemed it fit to ally herself with him and his contingent with the City Guard. Since the sack and subsequent evacuation of Wydmoor, she has made it her personal mission to bring it back from ruin, under her rule. She is a composed, intelligent, and educated woman, but she does not shy away from combat and dirty work that many nobles would be averse to.

attributes   str 12, dex 12, con 10, int 14, wis 12, cha 13
skills bluff +6, diplomacy +14 (syn: bluff, nobility, sm), gather info +10 (syn: local), handle animal +8, knowledge (history) +4, knowledge (local, wydmoor) +9, knowledge (nobility + royalty) +9, ride +8, sense motive +8
feats combat expertise, improved disarm, open mind
HP 29
AC 16
saves fort +1, ref +2, will +5
attacks sap +5 1d6+1, long sword +5 1d8+1, shield bash +5 1d2+1
equipment masterwork sap, masterwork long sword, chain shirt, light shield

Germain (Killed while evacuating the city)

See main article.

Key Members

Jako Callannan

Human Expert 2 (Professional)

A middle-aged merchant who owned a small shop in Wydmoor before the fire. In his youth, he traveled to the nearby cities peddling wares, but as he got older he settled back home. During his life he got to know the ins and outs of many of the worlds cities, traveling as far as the waterways connected to Wydmoor would carry him. He is a charming, worldly, and wise man with many close friends among the river Halflings and tremendous insights into the minds of men. He is currently acting as the quartermaster of the organization.

attributes   str 10, dex 12, con 10, int 12, wis 14, cha 14
skills appriase +6, bluff +7, diplomacy +13 (syn: bluff, sm), gather info +9 (syn: local), handle animal +4, knowledge (local, wydmoor) +6, knowledge (local, alexian capital) +5, knowledge (local, flannari capital) +5, language (2), profession (master merchant), sense motive +9, use rope +5
languages alexian, celstian, flannari, odessan, peteran, ubrekti
feats cross-class learning (handle animal, use rope), negotiator
HP 11
AC 15
saves fort +0, ref +1, will +5
attacks sap +0 1d6
equipment sap, chain shirt

Uldern Garrolea

Human Warrior 1 (Professional/Fighter)

An Odessan-born Journeyman smith, come to Wydmoor after the death of his Father to earn his Master and shingle. He was looked on with suspicion by many in the camps because of his heritage, but has worked diligently in the camps since the fire, and since joining the Geese has proven a valuable asset. He has indicated his bridges with his homeland are irrecoverably burnt, but is unwilling to discuss why. He currently runs the forge at the Wydmoor Swamp Temple, but has been traveling and was last seen leaving Nia-Aglire after introducing Gnob's Folly to the affable soldier.

attributes   str 14, dex 10, con 14, int 12, wis 10, cha 12
skills craft (blacksmith) +5, diplomacy +5, intimidate +5, ride +2, swim +4
feats cross-class learning (craft (blacksmith), diplomacy), Endurance
HP 10
AC 19
saves fort +4, ref +0, will +0
attacks sap +3 1d6+2, warhammer +3 1d8+2, shield bash +3 1d3+2
equipment sap, warhammer, half-plate, large shield

Edar Drace

Human Adept 1 (Bard)

A young man who's working-class parents convinced a benefactor to sponsor a Primary Measure education and an apprenticeship with a doctor. Once he learned enough, he set of to Wydmoor to establish a practice of his own. He had been building a client base among middle- and lower-class citizens. It didn't pay much, but it covered a modest life and he found it deeply fulfilling. When the fire displaced him, he contributed to the relief effort and worked with Germain and the Silverwalkers at Onrarch Landing. He has even begun to adventure into the swamp to help provide food and materials for the refugees. He is a hard-working, cheerful, and earnest, and is very well liked among the refugees. He runs a clinic at the Geese base camp.

attributes   str 10, dex 10, con 12, int 14, wis 14, cha 12
skills craft (alchemy) +6, diplomacy +5, heal +8, knowledge (local, wydmoor) +4, profession (master doctor), search +5, survival +6
feats cross-class learning (diplomacy, search), self sufficient
spells 0th (3): mending, purify food and drink (2); 1st (2): cure light wounds (2)
HP 7
AC 12
saves fort +1, ref +0, will +4
attacks quarterstaff +0 1d6, sling +0 1d4
equipment sap, quarterstaff, leather armor

Honel Oedi

Human Expert 2 (Rogue/Fighter)

A middle-aged man who worked for the City Guard under Edrell and with Germain in Wydmoor Free City. In his youth, he was a hot-headed brawler and general trouble maker, but he tempered with age and began to find fulfillment in more noble pursuits. He lost his home in the Wydmoor fire, and has been working as a peacekeeper and manual laborer in the refugee camps where he can. He has a gruff yet affectionate personality that is an instant hit with hard-working people of all walks of life, and an honest desire to help people. He has a tremendous affection for men and women who have turned to crime because they are down on their luck or desperate, and while he is sometimes to soft on them he often serves as an inspiration and helps people turn their lives around. He is the sheriff for the community supported by the Geese.

attributes   str 14, dex 12, con 14, int 10, wis 10, cha 12
skills balance +4, bluff +6, diplomacy +8 (syn: bluff), escape artist +5, gather info +8 (syn: local), intimidate +6, jump +4, knowledge (local, wydmoor) +5, swim +4, tumble +4
feats improved grapple, improved unarmed combat
HP 8
AC 15
saves fort +2, ref +1, will +3
attacks sap +3 1d6+2, punch +3 1d6+2, grapple +3 1d6+2
equipment sap, chain shirt

Sena Essa

Halfling Expert 1 (Ranger)

A young halfling woman from Onrarch Landing and one of the novice dog handlers and scouts for the community there. When the refugees were displaced from Wydmoor, she immediately threw herself into the relief effort. She is tremendously compassionate towards the refugees, and cannot imagine why they were so easily cast aside by the city of Wydmoor. Like many who are close to Maggr, she is enamored by Germain and the Silverwalkers and their efforts to help the refugees. She is a fiery and altruistic woman with little in the way of social polish but a good heart and a sweet countenance that people are drawn to. She is the kennel mistress and lead scout for the Geese in the Wydmoor region.

attributes   str 10, dex 16, con 10, int 10, wis 12, cha 14
skills balance +4, handle animal +8, knowledge (local, northern stormchalice) +2, knowledge (local, wydmoor) +4, listen +4, ride +9, spot +4, survival +3, tumble +4
feats animal affinity, (racial bonus) Skill Focus: Swim
HP 6
AC 17
saves fort +0, ref +3, will +3
attacks sap +0 1d6, sling +3 1d4
equipment sap, sling, chain shirt

Bernis Dar

Human Expert 1 (Professional)

A middle-aged man and extremely capable distilling craftsman. He is a rugged, steady individual who started doing manual labor for a distillery as a boy, and worked his way up to assisting the master distiller and managing the laborers. He grew up and got his first job in the Celstian capital, but was forced to leave because he orchestrated a labor strike that was eventually quelled. When he moved his family to Wydmoor a decade ago, he began working with the Arrasti family. However, during the family's recent misfortunes, he was laid off, and then he lost his wife and youngest daughter in the Wydmoor fire. He is bitter about feeling discarded by the Wydmoor nobility, and is known as an agitator among the refugees. He maintains the distillery at the Geese headquarters.

attributes   str 14, dex 10, con 12, int 14, wis 10, cha 12
skills appraise +6, craft (distiller) +6, diplomacy +4, gather info +4, intimidate +4, knowledge (local, wydmoor) +6, knowledge (local, celstian capital) +6, search +4, sense motive +4, use rope +3
feats combat expertise, improved trip
HP 9
AC 14
saves fort +0, ref +2, will +3
attacks sap +0 1d6, sling +2 1d4
equipment sap, sling, chain shirt

Members of unknown status

Laecina Red

Human Expert 2 (Rogue)

A young woman and Wydmoor native with a dubious history who joined the city guard a few years back. She showed up at Dandrell's guardhouse eager to join the guard, and although she was initially rejected, she traineded hard to get accepted. As a member of the guard, she has been a dedicated and passionate protector, but has been particularly watchful over the comfort ladies of the Road of Silk Flowers. She is a beautiful and alluring woman and a great conversationalist, but she is hard against close personal relationships. She also has a pronounced dark side, and a number of the violent criminals she has apprehended have turned up dead under mysterious circumstances. She is not a refugee, but she knew Germain from the City Guard and was impressed with him during the Kathkallan Investigation, and so has joined his organization.

attributes   str 10, dex 14, con 10, int 12, wis 12, cha 14
skills bluff +7, diplomacy +9 (syn: bluff, sm), gather information +8 (syn: local), hide +5, knowledge (local, wydmoor) +6, listen +5, move silently +5, perform (dance) +6, sense motive +6, spot +5
feats quick draw, weapon finesse
HP 11
AC 14
saves fort +0, ref +2, will +4
attacks sap +3 1d6, dagger +3 1d4
equipment sap, long sword, dagger (4), leather armor

Ros Besold

Human Warrior 1 (Fighter)

A young man who finished up a term as a Alexian soldier a few years back. Without much work available at home, he joined the ranks of Alexian refugees in Wydmoor Free City. For a number of years, he took manual labor jobs around the city and drank heavily, but a friendship with Honel let him into work with Edrell's City Guard. Like many of the guardsmen, his house was destroyed in the fire, and he has once again been forced into the life of a refugee. He has a cynical and somewhat anarchistic attitude that makes him difficult to get along with, but he does his job and he is a capable guard. Having experienced the plight of refugees first hand, he is livid about the treatment of the Wydmoor refugees, and has been impressed with Germain and the Silverwalkers' support.

attributes   str 14, dex 12, con 14, int 10, wis 12, cha 10
skills climb +5, intimidate +3, jump +5, swim +5
feats endurance, improved shield bash
HP 10
AC 19
saves fort +4, ref +1, will +1
attacks sap +3 1d6+2, shield bash +3 1d3+2
equipment sap, long sword, half-plate, large shield

Halirris Idrandara

Human Aristocrat 1 (Professional)

A dilettante Flannari noble who was a close personal friend of Germain during their University days. A young son in his family, he was sent to university in the hopes that he would become a lawyer. Much to his parent's disappointment, he was far more interested in the fine arts, history, philosophy, and causing trouble. He has been in regular touch with Germain, and moved to Wydmoor at his friend's urgings. He is charming and fun, and while he can be sleazy and obnoxious, he is generally accepted because he is knowledgeable and connects well with members of the City's underbelly.

attributes   str 12, dex 10, con 12, int 14, wis 10, cha 14
skills bluff +5, craft (painter) +6, diplomacy +4, forgery +4, gather info +4, knowledge (history) +5, knowledge (local, ubrekti city) +7, knowledge (local, erith) +7, knowledge (nobility) +5, knowledge (religion) +5, profession (lawyer)
feats cross-class learning (craft (painter), profession (lawyer)), knowledgeable
HP 9
AC 14
saves fort +1, ref +0, will +2
attacks sap +1 1d6+1, long sword +1 1d8+1
equipment sap, long sword, chain shirt

Yoa Neap

Human Summoner 7

See Yoa.


  • Mat
  • The Crone: Attended by a Nondescript Clerk and a Glowering Woman
  • An Affable Soldier: Attended by a Brusque Bookkeeper and a Scowling Half-Orc

Deceased Members

Presumed deceased, but later found

  • Riala Pisk

Human Expert 3 (Urban Ranger)

A young woman from Ubrekt City that served in the Wydmoor City Guard and was an acquaintance of Germain during his university days. She lived in Wydmoor for some time, but because she knew Germain by another name, and at the time only recently recognized that he was a rising star in the guard. She knew Germain largely as a troublemaker in Ubrekt, but she was impressed with his platforms and knew him to be a very capable man. She was savvy, cunning, witty, and made quick friends.

attributes   str 10, dex 14, con 10, int 12, wis 12, cha 14
skills bluff +6, diplomacy +6, gather info +8 (+10 in wydmoor), hide +6, knowledge (local, wydmoor) +7, knowledge (local, ubrekt city) +5, listen +7, move silently +6 open lock +6, spot +7
feats open mind, urban track, weapon finesse
HP 16
AC 15
saves fort +1, ref +3, will +4
attacks sap +4 1d6, sling +4 1d4
equipment sap, sling, leather armor