Egtheladanna Krin

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Character Stats
Level 8?
Race Human
Class Professional 2
Wizard 6?
Armor None
Weapon(s) Short Sword
Hometown Sherdam, Ubrekt;
Wtherias, Alexia

Egtheladanna, or "Egg," is a young man of Hakani descent, originally from the town of Sherdam.

Egtheladanna was born in a small Hakani farming village near the town of Sherdam in Ubrekt. A generally good tempered child, it was apparent from a young age that little Egg was possessed of a precocious intellect, racing through cognitive and developmental milestones. The Main Cleric of the village, Father Hend, not wanting the child's obvious gifts to go to waste, took an interest in the boy and tutored him. Reading fluently by three or four, the Cleric's praise of Egg brought the attention of a Patrician from Sherdam proper, who offered to provide for the child's intellectual needs.

The man, Tiberius Gotticus by name, was a childless patriarch of a Senatorial family fallen on hard times. A mean tempered and scornful man, who never failed to remind Krin of the lowliness of his station and his people, Gotticus nonetheless provided Egtheladanna with an education, if at times a stark and harsh one. Acting as general helper and manservant, he chaffed under the strictness of Ubrekti education, and suffered a great deal of loneliness, but escaped the unpleasantness as often as possible in the histories of Old Ubrekt from his patron's well-stocked personal library. Additionally, as he aged, he began to grow interested in reading magical treatises and arcane metaphilosophy, no doubt attracted from Tiberius' strict interdiction of such studies.

Krin was 15 when the man died, still childless. It was Egg who discovered the body. His emotions were mixed - he had never really loved the man, nor particularly liked or respected him. Still, the mean old bastard had already given Krin access to a wider world and education than his birth would otherwise have allowed. Still, as he rummaged around and finally discovered the will, he was surprised that the man had not accounted for him at all, leaving the entire estate to far away cousins not conversed with for decades. Hurt, angry, and disappointed, Krin thought through his options.

He realized, at that point, his whole life up until that point had been a cage. This was his chance to escape it. Sure, it was bold and risky and kind of stupid, and if it didn't work, he would end up even more caged. He sat down with the will and using his small, self-taught arcane proficiency, he slowly altered the document. It was the work of hours, and when completed, was not terribly convincing. Still, he had thought his plan through well.

The will named Father Hind executor. While someone from the church executing wills is not odd in and of itself, that an Ubrekti patrician would call on a Hakani village priest to do so would probably have raised some eyebrows, had the assets had any other clear claimant or tremendous value. As the will transferred the vast bulk of the man's estate to the local churches kept objections about the messiness of the forgery unspoken. Having no desire to manage an estate, or stay in Sherdam at all, Krin carved out for himself only enough to get started: A laundry list of manuscripts, a couple thousand gold coins, and the old man's Bag of Holding. As the will made no mention of them one way or the other, Krin seized for himself all the old man's minor legal documents, including a Primary Measure certification from the Ubrekti University. And so, the House of Gotticus was no more, and Krin skipped out of town, fat off its carcass.

He worked his way to Wtherias, where he spent a year deep in his library bag, teaching himself the basics of magical theory in earnest and returning again and again to the well of forgery. It was during this time he summoned and bound his familiar, whom he named Tiberius and slowly altered all of the old man's documents. When he felt he had a strong enough grasp of metaphysics, he began to work on the University credentials. With them, he was able to gain entrance into the University and work on his Secondary Measure. Competent, and with a vast personal library to cover his differences, he thrived. In time, he came to work with Bedrl Hadaram, a well respected arcanic sage. Although they worked well together at first, this relationship would be his downfall.

Eventually, Krin produced the Product for his Secondary Measure. It was a clever and useful spell, and Hadaram was much pleased. Impressed by its complexity and intricacies, the sage began to look deeper into Egg's background. Slowly, as Krin worked on completing his Secondary Measure, Hadaram slowly unraveled his protégé's web of forgery and deception. He threatened to expose the young man, but promised to keep his silence if Krin would allow Hadaram to take credit for his most recent works. Furious, Krin had no choice to agree. Before long, the pace of Egg's advancement ground to a halt, and he was little more than an innovation engine for Haradram's betterment.

Krin began to keep his best creations in a secret spellbook, and slowly collected resources to escape his most recent entanglement. When he felt he was ready, Krin simply collected his spellbook, his library bag, what little money he had remaining, and revealed his fraud to the Chancellors, as well as Hadaram's complicity, leading to Krin's expulsion and Hadaram's disgrace. Still, they could never take away what he'd learned, and Krin departed Wtherias for one place he knew a highly skilled, somewhat suspect individual could make a life for themselves: Wydmoor.

In Wydmoor, he attracted the attention of the firebrand sheriff (and Odessan mole) Edrell Odenthorpe, who immediately recognized the young man's usefulness and talent. Edrell introduced Egg to Germain and the two quickly bonded. Always pushing back against a perceived "sidekick" status, he was a loyal friend and ally to Germain right to the end. He also worked closely with the Silverwalkers during their residence in the city and, after Edrell absconded with the city's fortunes, he moved into the Magius Tower and became the de facto town magius for lack of qualified candidates. During this time, he also acted as the Silverwalker's arcane aide de camp and worked closely in LE researching the curse under which she still labors, where the two struck up an ultimately doomed romance. He died in the explosion that resulted from his self-triggered destruction of the Wydmoor portal-gate system. This action not only kept the treasures of the Magius Tower out of Odessan hands, but it also prevented the Odessan army from overrunning Wydmoor Castle, still holding fast as the city's main walls were breached by siege golems, and bought the mercenary company enough time to cast multiple Teleport Legion spells, allowing a great many of the Bog Wraiths to escape destruction, although Ralth Onoridil was killed along with many of his men. (ed: This feels like a run on sentence like whoa)

SPOILER WARNING: Egg's Character Sheet