Martyel Gaddrick-Thane

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Fresian Emperor raised to the position of Arch-Warden by Odrell Hammerhand. The Ascension itself was controversial enough, both for the unprecedented elevation of a reigning monarch as well as the violation of the ancient tradition against racial dynasties. (As the Demihumans generally understand human nationalities in terms of subraces) When he declared the Hegemony and began consolidating religious and Fresian state power in his own hands, the Hegemony War began to see his ouster. While the conflict essentially pitted Fresia against the rest of the Alexandrian Nations, Gaddrick-Thane (as he renamed himself) and his Fresian armies were able to withstand the grueling campaign of the opposition for five years, in large part to Gaddrick-Thane's liberal use of the Arch-Warden's excommunication and investiture Powers.

When Gaddrick-Thane was finally apprehended, he refused to identify his chosen successor, and no means of physical or supernatural coercion were able to wrest the information from him, as he (or another) had the information removed as a protective measure. Finally, the decision was made to simply execute his entire family under the assumption his choice was dynastic, invite a monk from a remote order to Psionically coerce Gaddrick-Thane into naming a more desirable successor. The aged and respected gnome Fidred Gavelrand had herself named, after which the Arch-Warden was executed.