Mefighter beta team fourth session notes

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  • At the approach of three riders, the group attempted to hide.
  • Template:Drem and Thurmin VustorToken.png Thurmin Vustor were spotted and attacked after a brief attempt to bluff.
  • Template:Drem and Thurmin VustorToken.png Thurmin Vustor both were disabled in the ensuing melee; FrimbleToken.PNG Frimble heroically disabled the knight while the other two riders were killed.
  • Under interrogation by Thurmin VustorToken.png Thurmin Vustor, the knight revealed that the army was destroying towns on the orders of Hadriach Ceda as the church feared for the spread of the plague.
  • Thurmin VustorToken.png Thurmin Vustor agreed to release the knight. As he walked away, Byll killed him with a crossbow bolt to the back.
  • Worried that the plague was spreading faster than expected, the group carried on.
  • As the group approached Krestendorf (A Fantasy Village!), they spotted two people on the road.
  • Byll snuck ahead an upon discovering they were plague victims, killed them.
  • The group entered Krestendorf and discovered the buildings were barricaded from the inside, but no signs of life.
  • The group was attacked by several zombies; Template:Gallus became isolated from the group and was killed.
  • UhanimaraToken.PNG Uhanimara was attacked by a zombie that exuded a noxious gas.

XP and Achievements

  • +75 for encounter with riders
  • +150 for the information gained from the knight
  • +50 for the interrogation
  • +75 for getting the name of Hadriach Ceda
  • +25 for roleplaying to Drem and Thurmin
  • +50 for the discovery of the Ambivalence of the church
  • +15 to Frimble for jokes
  • +15 to Uhanimara for jokes
  • +200 for the zombies
  • +250 for the session