Prophets' War

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The nationwide war that surrounded the struggle between Alexandria and the Dark Prophet Arek that occurred primarily in what is now Alexia. This was was not, however, a simple struggle between the two parties, but was equal parts nationalistic war of unification, civil war, and religious insurrection. While common history remembers the Prophets' War primarily as a conflict between Arek's turned oracles and Alexandria's Stand, the conflict actually began as a multi-party free-for-all. This intense, multi-party war was fought out between the Servitor Races, the supporters of Alexandria, the priests of the Demi-Pantheon, the Dwarves of Gildenhome, and various other groups and agencies, either directly or indirectly.

While Alexandria helped to initiate the war, and her followers were instrumental in prosecuting it, she lived with The Lost for almost all of the decade-long war, and was only around for the very beginning - where she established a powerbase for the First Stand - and the very end - when she helped bring the conflict to a conclusion with the support of The Lost and the powers of the broken Obelisks. For the interum period, the war was prosecuted by the First Stand, particularly Steros Merroand (who generally acted as the civil administrator) and Mythrian Arabelle (who generally dealt with martial planning and affairs).