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Test test UPGRADE TO MEDIAWIKI 1.26 -slitherrr (talk)

Table: Social Skills

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Silverwalkers Quest Notes 2011-05-22

Stolen from a comment in the RPS forums about Crusader Kings II, but handy nonetheless.

These also kind of mix up gender and title rules, since you could easily have a queen in an agnatic-cognatic primogeniture system.

Methods of Successsion in CKII

Seniority (oldest man in the dynasty succeeds)
Primogeniture (oldest son succeeds)
Elective (the current king and the dukes each nominate a successor)
Gavelkind (all titles are divided among the sons of the ruler)
Turkish (a succession crisis is almost guaranteed, but the vassals are content)
Republican (a random vassal or courtier succeeds; used for republics, etc)
Catholic Bishopric (the liege lord can override the Pope’s choice by nominating his own successor)
WTH did this come from? Kim, is this your doing? Excellent! After three-digit hours in CKII, I think I'm ready to lay out the dynastic trees and traditions of the Mainland. -gm
To know this in game would obviously take Knowledge: Nobility ranks. Time to make that shit useful!
Human Governance
Odessa = agnatic-cognatic primogeniture
Celstia = agnatic seniority (Overchief selected by chieftains of the 37 clans)
Fresia = agnatic elective (Princes and Dukes elect Emperor)
Flannary = agnatic primogeniture
Ubrekt = agnatic-cognatic seniority (The King and the Senate are of different ethnic groups, although there has been not insubstantial mixing since then)
Alexia = agnatic-cognatic elective (Cities elect a Doge every 10 years)
Demihuman Governance
Hakan = Parliamentary Republic (Speaker for the Gnomes selected from among the Paggebedalon)
Gildenhome = agnatic elective (Thanes elect the Arch-Thane)

Monte Cook says the point of 3/3.5 is to reward "system mastery." AKA Min/Max.[1]

That's why I like it! --Msallen
As a board licensed and certified "Systems Master," that's not a complaint. absalom 12:09, 19 May 2011 (EDT)
I just hate that D&D is what everyone is exposed to, so it's the most likely system to ever have any players. I really don't like it as a system. -slith
Meh, all those other games have weaknessess too. I've played lots of other games, but I always end up back to D&D. There is just something so pure and wholesome about it ;) --Msallen

On Friday, Planet Money had a good podcast about Medieval economies.

Does FGII on the GM side save all the profile pictures of characters? I'd like to stick the rest of Gnob's Folly in templates, because they're all too lazy to do it. -Slitherrr

Yes, it does.
Pretty please to be posting them somewhere :D -Slitherrr
I don't know what you are talking about >.> <.< -Feantari
I never did this, did I? In my defense, it was never put on the talk page. -gm
B-b-but...this is the talk page. -slith
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While we're on the subject, what is the Mainland's interaction with the spell Planar Binding? The whole subject of the Planes is pretty fuzzy on this wiki, but obviously there is some sort of interaction, if Thoven's Flame Disciple class is to have any real meaning. -Slitherrr

Did I ever answer this? I ought to! The mainland exists on one of the prime materials, but is partitioned from the outer planes by the Planar Veil (or one of its many other names). It has unimpeded access to the Elemental planes, as well as the demi- and quasi-elemental planes. The Ethereal, Astral and demi-Shadow planes, as well. Access to or from the Outer Planes is blocked, but I still allow the Summon Monsters to whip up the listed demons, arguing that they could simply be remnants of the Dark Lord's hosts shattered in the various cataclysmic wars trapped on the above listed planes.


Cleared out tons of stuff we weren't paying attention to anymore. Also, evidently some Russian SEO slipped through without us noticing. It's gone now. -Slitherrr 19:13, 21 February 2011 (EST)