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Kib Absold's younger sister and cohort.


Tana grew up as the youngest of the six Absold siblings, the last born before Lilia's untimely demise. The youngest of the Absold children, Tana only ever knew a life of relative privilege and comfort. She grew up educated by private tutors and showed an early talent for singing and dancing, and dreamed one day of studying at the Bardic colleges of Flannary's university. Bright and well educated, she learned also to be crafty and diligent, yet grew up lacking many of the broader ambitions that characterize the older Absold children.

Although Kib and Lea were closest to her in age and familiarity, she was never able to fully penetrate the closeness of that bond, and so she also distinguished herself from her siblings by her familial aloofness. Witty, pleasant, and talented, Tana had none of the problems socializing in elite society that her somewhat rough-neck family did, and so she surrounded herself with a large circle of friends.

When her father's scandal destroyed the family name and fortune, all her hopes for the future were destroyed with it. She found herself on the streets and, shortly after reuniting with Levan, on the run. The two were forced to rely on busking and low grade crime to survive. They escaped Odessa and made their way across the broken nation of Alexia, searching for news of their family, with a particular interest in news of Kib, who they knew was last deployed somewhere in the region with the Odessan army.

Recent Activity

They traveled from one place to another, making ends meet with the odd bit of mercenary errand-doing, until the two fell in with a bandit group. As Levan quickly ascended its ranks, Tana became more uneasy with their actions, and keenly aware of the ethical shortcomings forced by the survival situation. Levan convinced Tana that with his growing power it made more sense to settle down and continue the search for their kin in a more passive fashion. She acquiesced and quickly became Levan's right hand woman, the one person he could trust in a town where no one could trust anyone. Levan's cunning and prowess tempered by Tana's cleverness and grace was, for a time, a fearsome combination, and she even found new uses for her long neglected bardic skills. Over time, however, Tana grew ever more uncomfortable with the amoral brutality that seemed to run parallel with his ascent through the Bandit Kingdom's underworld. Her ambivalence came to a head after a particularly unpleasant event after which Tana proclaimed that she was going East to go search for their brother, Kib, who recent reports indicated had been active in and around Port Turin, Gildenhome.

She followed the slowly lengthening tales of Kib's and his band's exploits, finally catching up to them on their return to Kred. She has since joined their group, and together with her brother hopes to return to Odessa and write the final (or perhaps opening) chapters of the Absold family saga.

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