Team MeFight Seventeenth Session

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The morning broke. Having acquired enough samples to satisfy his needs, Neven bade the party farewell, to make haste to his circle to seek their advice on a cure. Kib AbsoldToken.PNG Kib Absold and his band continued to Draglet.

A day's march passed without incident. The road was silent, and empty. As the afternoon passed and the sun deepened its descent, they finally came across the outskirts of the village. In Dwarven style, it was built with a surface village, with entrances to a mountain dwelling heading to a deeper abode. At once, the group spotted a tendril of smoke, just barely visible above the rooftops. They approached with caution, picking their way through the fallen corpses of the undead. Whatever had come before had done much of their work for them, and very efficiently.

Continuing into the town, it was not long until they heard activity--some half-dozen living beings, speaking purposefully in Gnomish. The group ventured toward the noise, keeping careful guard, until they stumbled, almost headlong, into a group of Gnomes. The Gnomes, though surprised, rallied quickly, showing a discipline to be unexpected from mere looters.

A battle ensued. Gil charged headlong into his foes and Kib leaped from Tenpence soon after, while Thed and Anise rained arrows from various directions, and Thoven provided his supporting conflagrations. The battle was not as decidedly deadly as some the group had faced, but it was difficult enough to determine that the Gnomes made up no mere ragtag band, but a disciplined crew, with training, experience, and resources. One, a fighter, was slain--the rest succumbed, then were bandaged, to be dealt with later. The lot were disarmed and trussed, and now sit, unconsciously awaiting the party's decision.

The Gnomes had a variety of surprisingly impressive gear, but most interesting was a note (in Fresian) found in the Bard's possessions. Its contents were suspiciously innocuous, a suspicion that bore fruit when it was determined that a certain arrangement of the letters spelled out a message: "SI STRIKE CNFRM NW OF DRAG RCVD TO FORT".


  • 1000 to Thoven and Kib, 500 to Thed, 1120 to Anise and 560 to Gil, for defeating the group.
  • 200 to all for deciphering the coded message.
  • Gnome News is Good News achievement to Thoven, Kib and Anise.

Recovered items

  • Quarterstaff
  • Spellbook
  • Puke Vial
  • Wand
  • Small Light MW Repeating X-Bow (aka weak gun)
  • Wand of Heal Moderate (?? Charges) (aka health pack)
  • Small Masterwork Adamantium Studded Leather (1/DR vs Bludgeon)
  • Masterwork Short Sword
  • Alchemist Fire (aka Molotov)
  • 1x Scroll
  • 1x Scroll
  • Small Light MW Repeating X-Bow
  • Wand of Cure Light (?? Charges)
  • Small Masterwork Adamantium Studded Leather (1/DR vs Bludgeon)
  • Magic Cudgel (May be used to sap) (aka cricket bat)
  • Puke Vial (aka puke vial)
  • Sm Masterwork Heavy Repeating X-Bow (aka strong gun)
  • MW Chain Shirt
  • MW Battle Axe (aka fire axe)
  • Alchemist Fire
  • Sm Masterwork Heavy Repeating X-Bow
  • MW Chain Shirt
  • MW Battle Axe
  • Alchemist Fire
  • A footlocker-sized chest of exceptional quality that radiates magic.