Torekk Deeperdown

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Character Stats
M Dwarf1.png
Level 6
Race Dwarf
Class Druid
Armor Torekk's Hide
Weapon(s) Novolunie,Masterwork Cold Iron Scimitar,Short Spears
Hometown Some city, Gildenhome


A gruff, dirty, smelly, loner-type Dwarf. Clearly strong, he looks like he's been living in the woods a while and his eyes have a bit of a crazy look to them. His hair is dark and wild, usually has twigs or leaves in it, and looks haphazardly chopped or burned off in places. He is frequently loaded down with stuffed sacks and packs, and with a bag full of short spears on his shoulder. He acts and looks very strangely for a Dwarf. Other Dwarves find Torekk very off-putting, and he likewise does not appear very comfortable around them. Being a Dwarf in a profession of few Dwarves, he also sticks out when around other druids.

Recent Travels, Thoughts and Preferences

Torekk has been ecstatic lately. He is greatly pleased by his own accomplishments. He admired an excellent ambush of kobolds when he asked the plants for help and the plants jumped up and tore a field of kobolds to pieces and then calmed down when asked. He slept beneath a fine sky recently.

Torekk admired a fine wasteland recently and has been feeling a deeper understanding of nature and its ability to heal itself; even in The Scar, the basic cycles of birth, death, and decay show that life will find a way. Torekk is thrilled to be back in the wilderness and was thrilled to be able to meet wild gnomes and especially to talk to an elder druid.

Torekk has come to trust and value his companions recently and even if he's not sure of what's going on he's sure it's important and he needs to be there to help.

Torekk likes badgers, antlers, open skies, and unusual stonework. He is willing to give servitor races a chance if they're not being overly destructive.

Torekk has ideas about the history of the world and the importance of druids in that history.


After years of feeling an outsider among his own people, a young Torekk left his home with a trading band of road halflings. He traveled with them for a while, learning about the land and magic and about being a druid from some of the traders.

Eventually he got tired of going to new towns and set out on his own, hunting for small ruins and caves to explore and scavenge from. He mostly keeps to himself in the woods and hills, occasionally trading at small settlements or halfling traders and occasionally meeting up with passing druids.

Spends most of his time alone in the hills exploring forests and caves, ruins, and even the occasional graves, using his badger Benus to help him dig up stuff. More of a treasure hunter than archaeologist, but one who is doing it as much to find interesting stuff as he is to make a living. Occasionally meets up with other druids or trading areas, but generally avoids large cities. Trades scavenge and gems and anything else he comes across for supplies. Torekk has cast "Purify Food and Drink" more than any other spell. He'll pretty much eat anything.

Torekk met up with Mefighter beta team when he went to visit Neven b'Aaronurt but instead found his friend dead and burned. He decided to join with the Betas to investigate Neven b'Aaronurt's colleagues and plague weirdness in Draglet. After finding not much besides kobolds in the fortress they went to the closest city, Kred and from there headed out to investigate troubles from The Scar

Notable Career Kills/Victories

Druid artillery spells have killed a few fields worth of goblins and kobolds.

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