Wydmoor Swamp Temple

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A pre-Alexandrian, cathedral-sized temple in the northern reaches of the Wydmoor Swamp. The temple is believed to be the temple of Moyria that was destroyed and cursed by Marwyn Teldandillion in the Prophet's War. It is currently the home of several of the Azure Geese and their leader the Lady Astlen Mead, along with a couple hundred refugees of Wydmoor. The encampment supports a primitive economy with an operational marketplace, a few vendors, and an operational forge.


Structurally, the temple has three exterior walls that remain structurally secure in spite of its tremendous age. The fourth wall, built over the river and housing a dry dock, was more fragile construction and is breached. Currently, the temple's two floors house a handful of important offices, a large distillery (Bogberry-based alcohol is the Geese's most profitable export), a kitchen and storehouses, while the upstairs serve as living quarters. A forge and markets lie just outside the wall.

The temple houses an eerie reminder of it's history: a glassteel dome that encases an oak-sized weeping willow and a noose. The story goes that this site once held the spirit of one of Adrillathellior Teldandilion, whom Marwynn was not able to destroy due to an ancient Elven pact. She trapped him forever in the dome, kept in an eternal spring stasis, and he took his own life only to rise as a vengeful banshee.

This banshee was destroyed by the Silverwalkers in FI 1500, and they carry his shield and armor to this day. Since the destruction of the spectral elf, the inside of the dome has changed to a scene of misty and eternal winter; the great willow remains, but as a brittle and lifeless reminder of what once was.

In one room lie the adamantine remains of an ancient carriage. Its wheels have long since rotted, and it is typically used as a jail cell.

There is one notable, unexplored section of the temple: One room is shut off from the rest of a temple with a prismatic wall, impenetrable by either sight or body. It is guarded from accidental contact by a wall of force. Nobody knows what might be on the other side.

Notable People

The new leader for the Azure Geese is the Lady Astlen Mead, who was a lieutenant of Germain before he died in the Siege of Wydmoor. She is a confident, stern, and militaristic noblewoman who is intent on retaking Wydmoor and establishing herself and her family to power. There are a number of Riddermark Family clients among the refugees as soldiers or as distillers in the Temple's operations.

A number of notable Geese remain at the temple with permanent responsibilities. Uldern Garrolea maintains the city's forge and blacksmithing operations, Sena Essa handles the dogs and scouting operations, Honel Oedi acts as the sheriff, Edar Drace operates a small clinic, Bernis Dar is the distiller, and Jako Callannan is the chief quartermaster.

Available Services

  • Jako Callannan can buy and sell subsistence goods and some craft goods (but little that is hard-to-get, bespoke, or aesthetic)
  • Uldern Garrolea can make masterwork armor, weapons and tools
  • Edar Drace can heal as well as a bard could be expected to

Recent Activity

This temple was only recently discovered, which is a surprising given it's proximity to Wydmoor. Originally it was full of silver and treasure, but the Silverwalkers gradually looted the temple and slaughtered orcs at this site over many visits.

The Temple was home for a while to the Lizardfolk of Wydmoor swamp, but long-standing taboos against it have caused them to gradually leave it.

Members of the Azure Geese have been operating outside the Wydmoor area. Notably, Uldern has been in the Bandit Kingdom working with Gnob's Folly, along with a brusque bookkeeper. Also, an old crone works with the Mattiverse, and is their reason for traveling to this site.