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Yoa Neap is a talented summoner in the Azure Geese. Her rural family often came to the Wydmoor Free City for religious services, so Yoa was devastated when the city fell. When her family moved south to avoid the conflicts and raiders, she stayed behind to put her skills towards helping the Geese reclaim the region and complete their quests.

Prior to traveling with the Bonfire Boys, Yoa's most recent quest ended in tragedy. The party had captured a prisoner and were taking him to be interrogated at a remote outpost. She was awakened one night by a heated argument between her two companions. During the disagreement, their prisoner struggled free and took one of them hostage with a knife held to his throat. Yoa stood slowly and tried to talk the situation down, but the other enraged party member charged suddenly.

Yoa was overcome with shock as she saw the blood spurt from her companion's throat. He fell to the ground and she bent down futilely to try to help him. It took only a few seconds for her senses to return, but it wasn't fast enough. She looked up to watch her other companion's lifeless body being rolled off of the prisoner.

Two days later, when a solemn Yoa arrived at the Geese outpost, she couldn't account for how the prisoner's remains had made it into the sack carried by her eidolon. The collection of body parts looked as if they had been torn apart by a pack of wild animals.

The Geese were disappointed about an important mission gone wrong, but they realized there was a passion and power in Yoa that they hadn't recognized before.

After the death of Apt, Yoa volunteered to assist the Bonfire Boys in their attempts to secure vital resources in Wydmoor. For reasons she didn't fully understand, the Geese leadership loaned her the founder's magic bow. Yoa was quite moved by this, and vowed she would protect it with her life. There was no doubt she meant it.

Try the Eidolon


Try is Yoa's faithful ally and guardian. It is an avian-style eidolon with cruel electrified claws. It also has human arms that currently wield the Coldheart Bow previously owned by Germain. It is a powerful and resourceful creature that shares a permanent bond with Yoa.

Try has a pink gem-shaped symbol on its head that matches the pink stone that Yoa wears as a symbol of friendship and solidarity.