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Character Stats
Level 10
Race Wild Gnome
Class Barbarian
Armor Gilerl's Breastplate
Weapon(s) The Grinning Prince's Fury or Treasure
Hometown Gilerl's Habitarium

Gilerl is a strange, wild Gnome, unlike any other of his kind, who currently finds himself travelling with Thed, Kib Absold, and Thoven. Savage and immensely unpredictable, he has nonetheless been completely loyal to his recently found comrades, for reasons that even he cannot fathom. He sits as a strange counterpart to Kib, who has taken some responsibility for the Gnome, keeping him under his wing and mitigating the wildest of his tendencies when in civilized company, where he finds himself typically bored and prone to fidgeting. He shows little in the way of materialism, excepting those things that are directly beneficial to him. He does not fully grasp the concepts of the marketplace, and so has shown little interest in useless and cumbersome coinage.

Background and Notes

Gilerl Gilerlson is a Gnome who was lost in the woods just after he had learned how to walk whose parents never managed to find. He wandered the forest for three days, often on his hands and knees, before he was found by the kindly wife of a hermit, and was nursed back to health.

The odd man who found Gilerl, profoundly eccentric and fanatically devoted to exploring the unknown, was intrigued by Gilerl's seemingly feral status, and so he constructed an elaborate, controlled environment to study the tiny Gnome. For a long while, Gilerl lived in his habitat as the eccentric's secret project, hidden even from the man's wife, who was told that the young Gnome had been given to an orphanage.

Three years passed, until the hermit's wife one day found him tending to the child she had been told was long gone. Passionately, she labored to convince her husband to take Gilerl out of the woods, where he had been alone for so long, and send him to be raised in a proper home. His years of solitude, however, kept Gilerl from every fully accepting his environment, and he was moved from home to home, with every foster family finding him simply too much trouble to handle. This continued until Gilerl was seven, when he was moved into the special care of a monastic order.

Gilerl was always curiously strong, his wild nature kept him in pursuits that made him stronger still. His reputation grew, as he could barely form a complete sentence in speech, but could life large rocks that grown Human men would struggle to move. This made him extremely useful to the monks, and Gilerl would follow their orders without complant.

One cold February day, a crippled man approaching middle-age came into the establishment. His name was Lindtwiss Nacklezig, and he adopted Gilerl on the spot. Gilerl's wildness had, by this time, subsided quite a bit, and he followed Lindtwiss readily enough.

The next few years were strange for Gilerl, who encouraged the Gnome's wildness, and helped him to harness it. Lindtwiss would commonly take Gilerl into the woods, teaching him about the virtues of wildness and encouraging him to take advantage of his wild nature, and harness the raging emotions that civilization had never quite tamed. Gilerl was offered many different armaments with which to unleash his rage, but always he settled for what was simplest--a large, blunt object.

All this Lindtwiss did, without explanation for his actions, until the boy Gnome turned 17, when he told his story:

"Gilerl," he said, "I have taught you many things about yourself, and about holding power inside you, keeping it barely restrained until you can unleash it upon those who would do you harm. I have taught you about the woods, and I have taught you good and evil. I have not, however, told you why I do this. Now, I shall.

"Many years ago, before I met you, I was a merchant. I plied the hills of Gildenhome, the dusty plains of Fresia, the windswept grasslands of Celestia, and many other places besides, bringing goods from one place to another. My kind were the very lifeblood of all Alexandria's kingdoms, and without the bonds that trade brings, all of our lands would be forever embroiled in turmoil.

"One night, I was escorting a cargo past Gildenhome's border, making my way into Port Turin. We had settled in for the night, trusting the Omnity's benevolence to keep us safe. That night, She betrayed our trust, for we were set upon by vicious bandits, who came out of the darkness without warning.

"My compatriots fought bravely, and though we fought them off, losing many good men in the process, the bandits in their spite had set aflame the cargo, destroying it completely. We had invested our all into these goods, and now, in a blink, it was all gone.

"My lame leg, here, serves to remind me of that day.

"Then, those men were the hunters. They preyed on the week hoping to squander the product of other mens' toil, and when they could not have what they sought, they vengefully tore it to shreds so that no other could enjoy it.

"But now, my boy, with what I have taught you, they will no longer be the hunters. Now, they will be the hunted."

Having brought up a very suggestible boy to do the act that he always wanted but never was able to do himself, he gave his blessings to Gilerl and sent him off into the forest, with instructions to follow whomever he would see and watch them from afar. If his prey would ever try to hurt anyone, it was his duty to kill them, to rip them apart and leave nothing resembling a living being in his wake.

He then began a new phase of his life. Roaming the wild environs of Gildenhome, he stolidly followed his mission. Many sought to take Gilerl out of the woods, and some even to kill him, but none yet managed to track down the elusive, tiny, murderous Gnome in his haunts.

Some time later, Gilerl found himself questioning his single-minded purpose. Sometimes, in his solitude, he would even ponder returning to society, and attempting to live has he had with the monks, where he had never quite fit in, but was always happy. It was in one such state of mind that he stumbled upon a party of adventurers making their way to Kred. Following, he witnessed the party being attacked, and after fulfilling his duty, rather than running off to seek new pray, he found himself curiously continuing to pursue the trio. Even more curiously, when noticed and told to come forward, he did so, rather than immediately running off. Thus, he joined with Thed, Thoven and Kib Absold, and it is in their company that he now finds himself.

Career Notable Kills/Victories

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