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Feel free to ask any lore, rules, or metaphysics based question here. I will answer it, eventually. Probably. Don't forget to sign it! I won't respond to papers with no name. That drives me bonkers(er).

Q: Many of Pathfinder's rules about natural weapons vs unarmed strike can be sort of annoying, but sometime are sensical. I am considering the Boar Style feat chain for Gokar. Given that the description states that it was developed by Orcs who "preferred to slaughter their enemies with their bare hands and teeth. Over the centuries, a variety of races have adopted the Boar Style, most notably goblinoids, ogres, and trolls," I would argue it's a feat that should work with natural attack like claw, bite, and gore. Gokar does have the Improved Unarmed feat and intimidate prerequisites, so can we house-rule it as working with Gokar's feral mutagen attacks? -Bartley

Addendum-Q: These usually take feral combat training, is that not a possibility for you? -slitherrr (talk)

A: So, I ordered the 5e beginner's set last week. Been reading it. It's really simple. I like it. absalom (talk) 21:54, 18 May 2016 (EDT)

Q: While we're on the subject, what is the Mainland's interaction with the spell Planar Binding? The whole subject of the Planes is pretty fuzzy on this wiki, but obviously there is some sort of interaction, if Thoven's Flame Disciple class is to have any real meaning. -Slitherrr

A: Did I ever answer this? I ought to! The mainland exists on one of the prime materials, but is partitioned from the outer planes by the Planar Veil (or one of its many other names). It has unimpeded access to the Elemental planes, as well as the demi- and quasi-elemental planes. The Ethereal, Astral and demi-Shadow planes, as well. Access to or from the Outer Planes is blocked, but I still allow the Summon Monsters to whip up the listed demons, arguing that they could simply be remnants of the Dark Lord's hosts shattered in the various cataclysmic wars trapped on the above listed planes.

Q: Do Alexandria and Andraste ever go out for tea? -Daniel 13:47, 24 January 2015 (EST)

A: What occurs beyond the veil is not for mortals to know.