Masked Gnome

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The Masked Gnome was a mysterious entity who inhabits the foothills of Kred. He was noted for ambushing caravans of kobold slaves and killing their keepers, and more recently for sneaking into the depths of Kred to free the kobolds there. Before his capture, he reported to a Fresian named Diamon Pegg.

He commonly dressed head-to-toe in black leather, and made use of an exotic repeating crossbow, both of which were claimed by Thed upon the Masked Gnome's capture. He has also used a potion of invisibility at least once, in the past.

He appears to have been using an abandoned forthouse in the wilderness as a base of operations. Caverns under the forthouse contained veins of low-grade iron, which he mined out using zombies. Several rickety forges and smelters at the base were used by goblin artisans to process the ore and turn it into cheap simple weapons that were to be smuggled into Kred through the sewers and distributed among the servitor slaves.