Team Mefight Ninth Session

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13 December 2009

Our plucky group spent a night in the now-deserted (save a few lost souls) forthouse, tidying up and sharing information. Among these insights, Zealeus reveals the name of Diamon Pegg, the Fresian, giving a further clue to the Kobold abolitionist movement's origin. The night passed otherwise uneventfully, and, heartened and somewhat rested, the party set off on their way, a treasure-laden pony and a bound and gagged Masked Gnome in tow, each inwardly glad to be rid of that foul-smelling place.

On the way back, at the abandoned shrine seen before, the characters noticed another group had taken residence. Fearing the return of the beholder cultists, Kib suggested that Thed and Gilerl go scout around.

The two approached the shrine undetected, to witness a couple dozen (ed: 29) Halflings going about camp business. Thinking themselves among friends, they approached, and were invited further into the camp. Thed was put on his guard, however, after noticing the sad state of the Halflings' dogs, and further when addressed by the Halfling not in Ubrekti or Dwarvish, but in Kobold. After some milling about in conversation, Thed ascertained that the group was allied with, and in fact subservient to, the Masked Gnome, and that they thought same Masked Gnome was he!

After making this realization, Thed was quick to disengage from the group, managing to divert ten of the apparent Halflings from their objective. Any lingering doubt that this group was the enemy was abolished shortly after leaving the camp, when the spell of Illusion masking their true identities as Kobolds was lifted.

After a tense moment in which the rest of the group feared Thed and Gil to be in danger, and nearly blows their cover, the party splits, with Thed and his Kobold attaché heading North, and the rest heading South. Thed quickly lost the Kobolds, but in doing so, lost himself--the other party, meanwhile, made good time, and after noticing Thed's absence, sent Gil up to find him.

It was in this way that Kib, Zealeus, and Thoven arrived at Thed. Losing no time, they march the Masked Gnome straight to Kleptinax and tell him the entire story. He received this information gladly, glad to have a thirst for knowledge of the events that has gnawed at him for so long finally sated. He took custody of the Masked Gnome, and notified the adventurers that they will have a chance to participate in the imminent battle, for satisfaction and glory.

The party then retired to the Kitten-Bone Inn to count their spoils and enjoy, for the first time in days, a wash and a good meal.


  • 900 XP to all: (10 3rd-level Kobold adepts, encounter MASTERFULLY avoided)
  • 250 XP to all: Completion of the capture of the Masked Gnome
  • 150 XP to all: Warning to Kred
  • 450 (check me on this) XP to Thed (and possibly Gil?), for having the balls and the nerve to bullshit the Kobold adepts so thoroughly
  • 50 XP to Thed and Gil: To Thed for losing the Kobolds, and Gil for finding Thed
  • 350 XP to Kib for Slitherrr's WikiWonder and WikiWizard achievements


Some of the items from before have now been identified. To wit:

  • King Mab's Axe is a small-sized +1 greataxe, with a 1/day ability--Lose the +1 bonus temporarily and roll 1d4: 1 casts reduce person at 10th level on the wielder, 3 or 4 cast enlarge person at 10th level on the wielder (2 does nothing)
  • One of the wands is an Evercharged Wand of Create Water with 5/day casts (holy crap!).
  • The Masked Gnome's Ring is a ring of counting (cool)
  • The various coinage was totaled (with help from the ring) at 40 silver, 218 copper, 14814 electrum. 12 of the electrum were given to Kleptinax (from Kib's share), and 250 gold was spent identifying the items above (taken from the Brothers' money, to be paid back with electrum)


  • The pony's name is now "Grimhoof"
  • After dealing with the threat, the party will presumably be eligible for the reward from Draglet, to which they should travel (at the least, to notify the Brothers' family)