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Character Stats
Level 9
Race Gnome
Class Rogue
Armor Masked Gnome's Black Leather Armor
(+2 Shadow Leather)
Weapon(s) MW Light Repeater Crossbow
Hometown Somewhere in Odessa

A roguish little devil, Thed is the third of three recruited to assist Draglet in overcoming its Kobold issues. He comes from a long line of brewers, and he has a very discerning palate for ale.

He currently travels with Kib Absold, Thoven and Gilerl Gilerlson. He has recently been, literally, blinded by his greed (among other slightly less lingering maladies suffered by nasty trap in a vault).

Career Notable Kills/Victories

*SPOILER* Thed's Character Sheet (Pathfinder)