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Character Stats
Level 9
Race Halfling
Class Cleric 7, Hospitalier 2
Armor Plate Mail, Small Shield
Weapon(s) Darkwood Crossbow, Mithril Morningstar
Hometown Wydmoor

KimikaToken.PNG Kimika d'Earling (kim-EH-ka DEAR-ling) is a halfling cleric. She is 3'6", 60 lbs, and 23 years old. Her birthday is 7-1 Heavenfall 1378 FI. She has blonde hair that she prefers to wear in pigtails when traveling, though recently she has worn it down in soft waves around her face. She has medium blue eyes and light olive skin. She also wears around her neck a silver, star-shaped, holy relic of Alexandria that was given to her by  BethanalayToken.JPG Bethanalay. She was previously known to Edrell as Danielle Tomas. She was in a relationship with  BethanalayToken.JPG Bethanalay's son,  MaggrToken.jpg Maggr, until he disappeared after his mother's death.

Her friends call her Kimi, though authority figures (such as  BethanalayToken.JPG Bethanalay tend to shorten her name just to Kim. Many of the Wydmoor refugees refer to her as "Little Mother" or "Mother Kimi".

Kimika is played by HelenAngel.

Campaign: Silverwalkers

SPOILER: Kimika's Character Sheet

SPOILER: Kimika's Character Sheet (Pathfinder)


Kimika may have joined the party when she was 22, but she had already begun a life of adventure previously.

Early Years

Kimika is the third-youngest of 18 (known) children. Her father and mother are a part of the larger Proudfoot clan which travels quarterly around Odessa. Her father is a shepherd whose parentage is unknown, and was welcomed into the Proudfoot clan as one of their own. However, as he was not a blood relation, he was simply given the name of Tomas. He met Angeline d'Earling, a halfling from a large riverboating clan, and the two were married. As is Odessan halfling tradition, Angeline joined Tomas' clan but Tomas took Angeline's last name. A few months after they were married, they welcomed a son into the world and continued to grow their large clan.

Kimika's siblings (that she knows of) are as follows: (in birth order)

Kimika with some of her siblings & parents.
  • Falan
  • Celee
  • Madiera
  • Antioch
  • Valencia
  • Simman
  • Astaresk
  • Axeclamaeshin
  • Amphersannd
  • Powndsighend
  • Persentaje
  • Carrot
  • Dollersine
  • Hifen
  • Skrol
  • Kimika
  • Brooke
  • Amana

This may be an incomplete list as Kimika's mother may have had more children after Kimika left home. She has not spoken to her family in 8 years.

When Kim was 8, there was a small stampede while the clan was traveling due to some of the more rowdy children startling the animals. Kimika was nearly trampled and, because of this, has a strong dislike of large crowds due to fear of being trampled. It was also then that Kimika, already disheartened and disappointed with being virtually ignored due to her large family, decided to leave when she was able. She also grew disdainful of the halfling lifestyle.

Teen Years

When Kimika was 14, some priestesses visited the clan to evangelize to them. They spoke of theological training and Kimika, desperate to leave home, convinced her family to let her join them. The priestesses trained her and eventually returned to Wydmoore with her. She had just turned 15 and was assigned to the small church in the slums. She has worked under that priest ever since. She avoided most other halflings and for the most part ministered to travelers of various other races. She tends to get along easily with humans and frequents areas where they are as opposed to halfling communities.

Kimika beginning her duties in Wydmoor

When Kimika was 17, she asked leave to travel and evangelize. She was given leave and began to travel around Odessa. While traveling the summer of her 19th year, she was called back to Wydmoor and assigned to a church in the Warrens, as well as document management in the Hall of Records.

Adventures Before Meeting The Party

While in a town, an injured man into the inn where she was staying. He was gravely injured. She healed him and he claimed a man had attacked his family's ranch and he feared for his pregnant sister. Together with a ranger who overheard the story, and the dwarven son of the innkeeper they decided to seek this man and save the woman. The town drunk, unfortunately, also joined them as they left town.

They went to the ranch to find the man gone and the woman scared but unharmed. She said he had taken all their silver heirlooms and went to another town. The injured man insisted on staying with his sister and the party journeyed to the other town after tending to the man and fixing up their home.

When they arrived, the town seemed deserted. The shops were boarded up as was the inn. They camped outside the town only to discover orcs entered the town at night. They made a racket, banged on doors, and finding everyone boarded up inside took their leave after breaking into a pub and stealing alcohol. The ranger followed them while Kimika attempted to contact a member of the town. She finally was able to get a widow to open her door, and she explained to Kim that a man who said he was a sorcerer burst into town with a group of orcs and took over the abandoned keep north of town. However, the last few nights the orcs have been coming into the town at night and ransacking anything they could enter- which is why everything has been shut for the moment. She also said that those who have gone into the forest north of town have heard human screams coming from the keep and they are afraid the sorcerer may be torturing people though no one in their town has gone missing.

The party launched into the tower only to find the sorcerer had been imprisoned and tortured by the orcs he attempted to subjugate. The party dispersed of the orcs, rescued the sorcerer, and turned him over to the local authorities. This adventure also gave the town drunk a chance to sober up where it was revealed he was actually a capable and powerful fighter. He returned to his former glory and the party went their separate ways, save for Kimika and the ranger named Ryan.

Kimika and Ryan traveled together for several seasons, helping others along the way and embarking on adventures. Their friendship had blossomed into love and they talked of a more permanent arrangement. However, when the church sent Kimika an order to return to Wydmoor and continue to her training and service in the chapel in the Warrens, Ryan chose not to go- insisting the road was his path. Stunned and heartbroken, Kimika went to her assignment in Wydmoor where she mentored under the priest of the Warrens, the human Father Yidrich. She ministered to the poor there, and worked in the Hall of Records until the Wydmoor Fire of 1400 and following political paralysis, an event which left her mentor dead and the Hall of Records all but shut down for the foreseeable future.

Adventures With The Party

Kimika originally joined the group under order of the local head of her church. However, she now stays with the party out of friendship and loyalty.

While in the halfling landing town and ministering to the refugees from Wydmoor, Kimika began a relationship with Maggr, the town leader's ( BethanalayToken.JPG Bethanalay) son, who is trying (with some bemusement) to teach her to ride a dog. ("Which you should have learned as a little girl!" -Maggr)

The Swamp & the Silver

The silver raven statue

Kimika was instructed by the Hadriarch to go to the inn and volunteer for a group of adventurers that were being summoned by Capt Edrell Odenthorpe. She joined under an assumed name, wearing street clothes, and offering her services as a healer. She was taken on, despite the fact Edrell almost certainly saw through the disguise, as both he and she worked in the Warrens and closely with its population. The party traveled through the swamp, seeking to plunder an ancient temple on Edrell's behalf, and it was here that friendship began to blossom. Kimika revealed to them her true name and explained to the party that, because of local tensions, Edrell may not have chosen her if he knew she was a priestess.

The party traveled through the swamp, met the Lizard folk, and soon arrived at the ruins of a destroyed city. They managed to survive and bring back a small fortune in silver. As they left the swamp, they a small, silver raven flew to them and asked them to give a location for a meeting. The party gave a location, and waiting to see who showed up. When a contingent of Bog Wraiths, led by Ralth Onorodil showed up, the party snuck off, made their way into the city through the back gate, and returned to Edrell with the silver.

After going into town, Kimika was summoned by the Hadriarch. Threatened with defrocking and naive to the Hadriarch's goals at this time, she told the Hadriarch of what happened- though in as little detail as possible. Using this information, the Hadriarch sent his own team to the temple, led by the Half-Orc HISNAMEHERE, which was captured and detained by the lizard folk at Al's request. After returning to the party, she felt terribly guilty that she may have betrayed the party and admitted all that had happened to one of her closest friends and fellow party member Al.

A Cleric In Need Is A Cleric Indeed

Or 'What I Did On My Winter Vacation'

"Hurry on, Kim, there's naught else you can do for her,"  BethanalayToken.JPG Bethanalay said with a sigh. This scene was all too familiar these days: a small child fallen ill and dead before help was sought. Kimika cradled the dead child in her arms briefly before placing it gently in the cart with the others who had passed in the night.  BethanalayToken.JPG Bethanalay looked over at the young cleric and saw the tears welling in her eyes. She reached over and patted Kimika on the shoulder comfortingly. Kimika had been by her side nearly constantly, learning from her, and working tirelessly to help the refugees- whether by feeding them, healing them, or simply giving them a pinch of hope and happiness.

"I think that's enough for you today, dear. Why don't you seek Maggr and see if he's up for another riding lession, hm?"  BethanalayToken.JPG Bethanalay said with a lift in her voice. She had noticed the young cleric's interest in her son and saw her as a much better match than the human trollop he had been associating with last summer. Kimika nodded sadly, her mind obviously still on the small child she had attempted to save. "Go on, dear, we'll take it from here."

Kimika automatically headed towards Maggr's house and stables. Maggr was already outside, rolling around with the pups from one of his best bitches. He looked up at Kimika with a smile but his face fell when he saw hers dampened with grief. He stood up and walked over to her quickly, pausing when he got to her and took her tiny hands in his.

"Kimi? What's wrong? Did something happen?" Maggr asked with a look of concern.

"A little girl, she couldn't have been more than 5 or 6, she passed... in my arms..." she choked out as her eyes filled with tears.

"Oh Kimi, I'm so sorry," Maggr said and engulfed her in a hug. He held her close as her sobs wracked her tiny frame. Maggr gently stroked her blonde hair, carelessly tied behind her in a loose ponytail now, and whispered in her ear. "It's okay, Kimi, you did all you could..."

The beautiful chaps Maggr made for Kimika

After Kimika's sobs lessen, Maggr pulled her gently away so he could look down at her face. "I have a surprise for you," he said softly. He kissed her forehead, then put his arm around her shoulders and lead her to his house and her temporary home for the last several weeks. "I've been waiting all day for you to get home," he said with a smile growing on his face. As she walked through the door, he put his hands over her eyes. Guiding her from behind, he led her into the kitchen.

Maggr pulled his hands from her eyes. Kimika gasped and ran towards the table. "This is for me?" she said excitedly and picked up a pair of beautifully crafted and adorned riding chaps. "Oh, Maggr, they're lovely!"

"I made them myself... with a little help," he grinned and put her hands around her waist. She turned around and pulled him down into a passionate kiss.

The sound of a heavy knock at the door awoke Kimika first. "Maggr! Maggr!" she said and shook her sleeping boyfriend next to her. He slowly came to consciousness as she lept out of bed and tossed her clerical robes over her naked body. She rushed down the stairs, pulling on her holy symbol as she went. She could hear Maggr upstairs, stumbling around in the dark for some clothes. She pulled open the door to see an elderly woman with a child in her arms- a little boy around 8 years old.

"He's fallen deathly ill. The guard saw us and he says you be a cleric. Can you help my grandson? He's the only kin I got left," she cried. Kimika opened the door wide. Maggr came down the stairway just in time to lift the boy from the woman and lay him on the couch. Kimika rushed to the boy's side.

Tincture of valencia

"Get me a tincture of valencia. It's in my bag by the door," she instructed Maggr and he ran off to get it. Kimika prayed over the boy and as she did so, a white light began to engulf them both. The elderly woman looked on in wonder. Maggr returned with the tincture and waited for Kim to look up at him before handing it to her.

Kim worked quickly and dabbed the tincture on her finger. She carefully put drops of it in each of his ears, determining the source of his illness to be a raging ear infection. She prayed over him some more, casting curative spells on him, white light pulsing from herself to the boy. The flush in his face began to pass to a normal shade and his breathing became even, no longer labored. The white light faded and revealed a smiling Kimika.

"Let him rest here tonight and as long as he needs. He should be just fine with a little rest," she told the old lady and smiled.

"Oh bless you! Bless you! It's a miracle! Bless Alexandria!" the old woman sobbed and gave Kimika a big hug. She took one of her grandson's hands and kissed it before settling down by his side.

"Feel free to stay here," Maggr reiterated with a smile. "We have sweet bread and butter in the kitchen- feel free to help yourself to anything. If you'll excuse us, though, Kimika has been drained and needs to rest."

"Oh yes, of course," the woman breathed in utter gratitude. "I can't thank you both enough for saving my boy, my beautiful boy. If there's anything I can do for you or your wife, let me know," she said in between tears of joy.

Kimika nodded and wearily started up the steps. When she got to the top, she grinned slyly at Maggr. "'You and your wife...'" she repeated the woman's words. "I think I like the sound of that."

All Other Adventures

See Quest Notes for more information about Kimika's adventures with the party.

Changing Clerical Domains

Kimi did a domain name transfer from "knowledge" to "travel" (with the help of MoseToken.PNG Mose)

Because of this, Kimi can now teleport, fly, and has much better movement than she did previously. The change was facilitated by her movement away from being stuck in the library doing clerical work to being out on the field helping refugees, as well as traveling often. Essentially, her frequent fliers allowed her an upgrade. ;)


  • Kimi is quite feminine and enjoys being so. She hates wearing platemail (but realizes its usefulness) and likes to "pretty it up" by turning scratches on it into frilly designs.
  • She travels with soaps, perfumes, and perfumed oils and talcum powders so that when she does not have access to wash she can at least smell good. She tends to smell like rose or honeysuckle.
  • She loves gemstones and wants to have some of the lower quality ones to make jewelry.
  • She is quite maternal and hopes to have a small family one day. In stark contrast to her own mother, she doesn't want more than 2 or 3 children.
  • Her favorite color is light pink and she likes pastel yellow as well.
  • Her favorite food is vegetable soup, though she also likes venison jerky.
  • Kimika's name has no special meaning, to her knowledge, other than being a name her parents liked. (OOC it is a cognate of the popular Japanese name Kimiko which means noble, empress, a child without equal.)
  • Due to her mother always making the same type of bread every day while she was growing up, Kimika has a personal goal to taste all the breads of the world. Sweet breads, stale breads, flatbreads, etc- Kimi wants to try them all & thinks they are fantastic.