Servitor Races

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Tradition states that the servitor races were created by the Dark Lord before his original Banishment during the First War. Many of the Goodly Races followed the Dark Lord willingly against the Old Gods, of course, and from their number many were corrupted by the Dark Lord and changed to suit his needs[1].

According to these traditions, these are the correspondences between the Servitors and the Goodly Races

Additionally, there are some lesser servitor races, related to but distinct from those listed above, such as Goblins. In most cases the derivation of lesser servitor races is clear, but some cases are subject to intense debate.

  1. Theological Note, Knowledge (Religion) DC 10: The Dark Lord, as a personification of entropy and corruption moreso than one malice and evil, is incapable of an act of true creation: a power reserved to the extinct Old Gods and Alexandria Omnity.
  2. Theological Note, Knowledge (Religion) DC 15: The Dwarves spawn an entire -kin, rather than a single race. It is theorized that the extremely lawful tendencies of the Dwarves lead to particularly unpredictable corruption process. Trolls, Ettins, Ogres, and other Giants were all created from Dwarves.