Timeline of major events

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  • 10017 BI The world is created.

2112 BI The Peace of Three Nations is signed and the Gnomish Vassalage begins.

1440 BI The Ubrekti Empire is divided into Eastern and Western halves.

1429 BI The First War of Fracture begins.

1404 BI The First War of Fracture ends, Flannary becomes an independent state.

1340 BI The Second War of Fracture begins.

1285 BI The Second War of Fracture ends. Fresia becomes an independent state.

1204 BI The Third War of Fracture begins.

1152 BI The Third War of Fracture ends. Odessa becomes an independent state.

983 BI The Fourth War of Fracture begins.

973 BI The Fourth War of Fracture ends. Hakan (Human Kingdom) is formed.

543 BI The Half-Blood Revolts begin in Sidhe.

512 BI Much of the Sidhe court is assassinated during the Night of Weeping, and the remainder flee to Sidhe-Praxen, the exile nation. Salient Teldandilion assumes the regency for Damaren Teldandilion

480 BI The last Elven refugees are forced from what was once Sidhe. No government stronger than the Agreement of the Polis unifies the various city states.

312 BI Beginning of the Celestian Revolution.

293 BI End of the Celestian Revolution, Celestia becomes an independent state.

164 BI The last king of Hakan (Human Kingdom) dies with no heir. The Council of Regency begins the Long Campaign.

152 BI Begin Siege of Hakan (city).

150 BI Antioch unlocks the Eastern Obelisk, destroys besieging armies of Gildenhome.

149 BI The Peace of Hakan is forged. Gildenhome and Fresia divide most Hakan (Human Kingdom) between themselves. Antioch is declared Sorcerer-King of Hakan (city).

147 BI Antioch begins construction on the Andileigh Spire and Palace of Wisdom.

145 BI Antioch founds the University of Hakan.

122 BI Marrwyn Teldandilion is born to King Damaren II of Sidhe-Praxen.

84 BI Drekasia's Revolt begins.

57 BI Steros Merroand is born in Fresia.

55 BI Sayid ibn Maimun is born in the Peteran Empire.

46 BI Mikos Lygit is born in Tragidore.

37 BI Marrwyn Teldandilion flees Sidhe-Praxen

35 BI Tragidore is razed by the Black Wyrm.

34 BI Marrwyn Teldandilion is returned by force to Sidhe-Praxen. Drekasia is captured after the Battle of North Crossing and executed by live burial.

32 BI Sayid ibn Maimun is declared Sheikh-Malik of the bedouin tribes.

31 BI Sheikh-Malik Sayid, Marrwyn Teldandilion, Mikos Lygit, and Sharksy Seven-Fingers orchestrate a palace coup against Emperor Haddad VIII. Sayid is declared Ishkahn Sayid I.

30 BI The Free City of Tanir declares war one the Free City of Ven, officially beginning the War of the Prophets.

29 BI Alexandria begins her pilgrimage.

22 BI Marrwyn Teldandilion unlocks the Northern Obelisk

21 BI Alexandria returns from her pilgrimage.

20 BI End of War of the Prophets, Alexandria is crowned Queen of Alexia and Empress of the Goodly Nations by High Priest Falzar. .

19 BI Antioch steps down as Sorcerer-King and Alexandria returns Hakan to the Gnomes. Begin the Hakni Migrations.

18 BI The Obelisks are unlocked. The Demi-pantheon forfeit their powers. Alexandria assumes the Omnity.

17 BI Dadtim the Younger writes his testimonial. Alexandria banishes the Dark Fiend, ascends into the afterworld.

16 BI Kivan Elyryn writes his testimonial.

15 BI Ishkhan Sayid I writes his testimonial, and it is quickly assimilated into Peteran folk beliefs that later develop into the Peteran Heresy.

1 FI - Steros Merroand is elected Arch-Warden of the Alexandrian Church by the Second Stand. Beginning of the Standard Calendar.

2 FI - Steros Merroand writes his testimonial.

3 FI - Creation of the Temporal Authority of the Arch-Warden.

11 FI - Ishkhan Sayid I dies, rule passes to Ishkhanats-Ishkhan Mikos I.

13 FI - The Peteran Scism begins.

15 FI Mikos I, now Zupan Mikos, accepts exile to Ulan with his loyalists.

18 FI - Steros Merroand dies, Mythrian Arabelle becomes Arch-Warden.

23 FI - Mythrian Arabelle writes his testimonial.

33 FI - Mythrian Arabelle anoints the Stone-Warden.

51 FI - Marrwyn Teldandilion writes her testimonial.

76 FI - Zupan Mikos dies.

93 FI - Marrwyn Teldandilion steps down as Arch-Warden to return to Sidhe-Praxen as queen. The title of Arch-Warden passes to her son Hadrian.

104 FI - The Order of Wandering Brothers is founded by Grannet Adlethor.

121 FI - Hadrian Teldandilion is assassinated by an anti-dynastic Gnome extremist acting entirely on his own with no outside help.

167 FI - The First Interregnum begins. Danthel Abbled dies.

169 FI - The First Interregnum ends. Paggnellot Hargadramd is declared Arch-Warden

387 FI - Thardar Speaker dies. The Second Interregnum begins.

397 FI - The Second Interregnum ends. Marrwyn Sablehand is declared Arch-Warden.

500 FI - Marrwyn Sablehand dies. The Hidden Interregnum begins leading to rapid Arch-Wardenship changes: Gladros Sablehand, Ratnot Hand, and Darell Cadrick all ascend and fall.

503 FI - Abbled Barbannan becomes Arch-Warden. The so-called Hidden Interregnum ends.

685 FI - Emperor Martyel Gaddrick-Thane ascends to the Arch-Wardency and declares the Hegemony. The Hegemony War begins.

690 FI - Martyel Gaddrick-Thane is captured and executed. Fidred Gavelrand ascends to the Arch-Wardency.

698 FI - Fidred Gavelrand dies, Hamhared Day dies, Ratnot Hand II dies. The Third Interregnum begins.

712 FI - The Third Interregnum ends. Odriss Rockheart becomes Arch-Warden.

909 FI - Quil Myth dies. The Fourth Interregnum begins.

931 FI - The Fourth Interregnum ends. Edrell Dakt becomes Arch-Warden.

1023 FI - Keldamite Lode discovered in Alexia.

1024 FI - Redzan the Clean begins the Kelvinite Heresy, based around the Second Testimonial of Kivan.

1028 FI - The Kelvinites are crushed, Redzan the Clean is executed.

1268 FI - Ramdall Hardrick dies, Ardrell Mathrew becomes Arch-Warden.

1398 FI - Ardrell Mathrew dies, Marrwyn Collar becomes Arch-Warden.

1400 FI - The Great Fire in Wydmoor. Sky-Strike wipes out village near Draglet, which suffers a debilitating zombie plague.

1401 FI - Odessa/Wydmoor Conflict Begins. Zombie plague ravages northern Fresia. Sharkmen begin attacking ships in the eastern seas, all but halting commerce there.

1402 FI - Odessa sacks and razes Wydmoor. Arch-Warden declares Crusade against Odessa.

1403 FI - Current Year.

  • Date is legendary or apocryphal.